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This is the first time in the automotive window film industry started large-scale CCTV brand advertising, it is Le Pen insulation film, following 2006 after the second landing CCTV. Ray-Ban's genuine and imitation goods I think the difference is not very large, including glasses case and instructions are buy ray bans very like imitation, if genuine and imitation products together unless careful observation, whether the person is hard to find the difference between genuine imitation goods. [3] genuine mirror box is relatively fine workmanship, leather is quite thick that all places inside the mirror box all wrapped with a cloth, inside the box with the words MADE IN ROMANIA; and imitation leather goods like a man-made plastic, no texture, but not all wrapped in flannel, there are two layers, one layer of pure hard plastic, used to hold the specification, and the mirror box pen holder is also a piece of hard plastic, not wrapped up with a cloth. Lens cloth is genuine silver, red RAY-BAN's LOGO, lens cloth lens cloth than the average size of a little shorter; imitation goods lens cloth is yellow, only the words of the blue RAY-BAN. If it is genuine and imitation goods I almost hard to tell, because imitations lenses also have the word "RB" imitation of counterfeit laser engraved, but genuine laser anti closer to the edge of the lens, and very thin, white-labeled "RAY-BAN "logo should be fine imitation goods than the other without much difference.

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Le Pen yurt designed according fake ray ban sunglasses to the width of the face model, to the left of the frame are "RB 3025" Another 'RB 3026 "The transparent plastic cover portion of the frame ear care, genuine metal very suitable fills the cover portion of the plastic ear care, imitation goods is not full, empty out a little. style presentation editor Bausch & Lomb's Ray-Ban sunglasses have produced 31 different styles, but also a steady stream of the introduction of new varieties These styles can be broadly divided into three categories: 1, sports sunglasses for sports sunglasses in addition to the function of sports, mainly masculine athletes, physical health, responsive temperament .2 gentleman sunglasses gentleman type represents a 3, ladies sunglasses replica ray bans lady type represents a chic, elegant and discount ray ban modern women of the United States;; conservative and noble image in China can buy the most suitable for Asian styles are worn, the lens color to green-based manufacturing process editing. 1, an fake ray bans extraordinary anti-ultraviolet function, Ray-Ban lens 100% anti-UV features, full compliance with US ANSIZ80.3, Europe and Australia EN1836 AS 1067 quality accreditation standards .2, very visual clarity, through precision manufacturing and grinding process, Ray-Ban optical lens no deviation, after wear does not cause eyestrain, headaches or fatigue .3, lens color will not fade anytime day, to ensure lasting for years .4 Frame: Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses, the frame design and manufacturing philosophy, and create an accurate theoretical lens almost exactly the same, extremely durable material, always wear comfortable, particularly considerate face type .A: double screw assembly, effectively consolidate.

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lens B: strictly distortion testing to ensure the frame tenacity and stability C: mirror arm radian special considerate skin D: Weak Arm end design, response surface can be contoured and make some adjusting to distinguish between true and false empirical experience rapid editing (non-instrument test) to distinguish between true and false RayBan offer as follows: First, the frame nose at most on one of the bars above intaglio B & L Ray-Ban USA, the following intaglio B & L Ray-Ban 62 □ 14 genuine intaglio should be precision molds milling pressure out that the use of a magnifying glass. also there is no rough sense, and gives the impression of refined imitation products Ray-Ban intaglio relatively coarse, text skew, concave portion shades, the overall sense of a lack of refinement. Second, fake ray ban the two sides recessed lens frosted BL symbol estimates may be made of laser technology for cutting and polishing, touch here feel smooth without words, imitation goods in the handling of the signs I've seen in two ways: one is relatively poor imitation, pure silk screen process transparent Feeding printed, hand touch can feel is carefully raised; one is the imitation of the more successful, also uses laser matte technology, but the process is poor, and a comparison of genuine authenticity legislation was three, right on the lens. White Ray-Ban logo is silk screen printed up, authentic very wearable, at least I used this lens without a draw obvious signs of wear, purchased twenty years ago, the use of white lenses worn more than a decade Ray-Ban logo screen remains clear mission and beautiful, but the white Ray-Ban logo on the lens imitations normal use for some time after the loss was desultory. Fourth, the fabric soft, microfiber material as, rectangular, absolutely imitation goods.